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Creating Customer In-Ground Pools in the Upstate.

Pool and Spa connection of Spartanburg and Greenville offers custom in-ground vinyl pools that will have you enjoying the outdoors like never before in your own pool paradise. Relax in your own backyard, what’s not to love!

High-Quality Products

Pool and Spa Connection has been providing high-quality, top-notch pools to the Upstate area since 1995. When it comes to pools, we’re experts on every aspect of them, from the different types to the styles to the design and maintenance. We strive to exceed every customer’s expectations and provide unbeatable service with a smile. Our custom-crafted pools are built of the finest materials available, and they’re guaranteed to last for years when properly maintained. For your dip into luxury, give us a call today and schedule a free pool-site consultation.

Pool Types

Vinyl Liner

Vinyl liner in-ground pools are incredibly affordable while still offering you the beauty and functionality of concrete pools. We can work with you to customize the size, shape, and design of your pool to make it your own, and it can last for years with proper care. They’re inexpensive in comparison to other options, are relatively low maintenance, offer you a beautiful finish, and can be more energy efficient than concrete pools.


We’re able to provide you with saltwater pool systems that are easy to maintain, with automatic production and release of chlorine for hygiene and maintenance. We use the latest technology to ensure your experience is optimal and enjoyable, and we’re authorized dealers for Mineral Springs, Salt Scapes, and BioGuard for salt and mineral products.

When you shop Pool and Spa Connection in Spartanburg or Simpsonville, SC, we strive to make sure every customer has an incredible experience and gets the pool of their dreams. We believe in the importance of spending time with those you love and being able to bond with your friends and family, and we’re excited to take part in that process through our custom in-ground pools. We’re a fully licensed and insured general contractor. For luxury, affordability, and the power to completely customize your dream pool, contact us today.


Call Us Today to Start Building the Pool of Your Dreams!