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Check Out Some of Our Customer Reviews Below!

I have had a great experience with pool and spa connection. They have satisfied all of my wife and I questions and concerns and delivered a beautiful pool. I recommend if anyone is wanting to build a pool then connect pool and spa connection.


One of the best pool stores in Spartanburg. Good staff.

Frank Jackson

Great people and really helpful, Thanks

Patrick Helton

Super knowledgeable and helpful staff!

Sumr Carter

They are very knowledgeable and helpful. They're a great bunch of folks who are good at what they do!

Caso Suarez

Nice friendly helpful folks, check them out for your pool and spa supplies!!

Joe Pulliam

We had several options when choosing where to buy a pool. We chose the Pool and Spa Connection and are delighted we did. Tim and his team did a fantastic job on our Mountain Lake pool. He took the time to make sure everything was exactly like we wanted it. If you are looking for a quality in-ground pool, he is the one to call.

Kevin D.

The Pool and Spa Connection went above and beyond our expectations! Our liner, that was only 4 years old, started fading. The fading had become severe. I mentioned the problem to them, although I knew the warranty had run out. A short time later, I was contacted by the service manager who told me that the liner manufacturer had agreed to replace our liner, free of charge. Without us even asking them to, the Pool and Spa Connection reported our problem to the liner manufacturer and worked with them to resolve the issue. Because of the Pool and Spa Connection, we now have a brand new liner and didn't have to pay a penny!!! I would definitely recommend them to any current or future pool and spa owners!

Christin S.

Tim and CATHERINE Love are excellent people. The have went out of their way to get us a beautiful new liner and it's better than I imagined. You should let them help you with your pool and spa needs. I wouldn't consider anyone else

Leroy B.

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